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A collection of white papers, research reports, data sheets and more on the science and performance of US Grout products.


Ultrafine Cementitious Grout. Overview of origin story, performance benefits, project examples, technical data. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Whitepapers and Knowledge Briefs

Ultrafine Pozzolanic Cementitious Grout: Performance Genius x2 details the unique advantages of a cementitious grout that utilizes both an ultrafine particle size and a pozzolanic reaction. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Cementitious Grout and LEED Certification. The LEED program provides opportunities to gain points in the areas of Brownfield Redevelopment and Remediation, Sensitive Land Protection, Surrounding Density and Diverse Uses, Site Selection, Site Development. Cementitious grouts can be used to solidify and stabilize contaminated soils and reduce leachate concentrations below regulatory levels. Or, if existing soil conditions do not support a potential building project in terms of soil stability, load-bearing capacity, compaction requirements, the site need not be rejected, as a permeating cementitious grout could provide the proper conditions. These points and others are covered in this white paper. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Typical Applications for Cementitious Grout. Looks at the real-world uses and practical applications for cementitious grout in civil engineering projects and the commercial construction arena. Includes applications in soil stabilization and strengthening, groundwater control, and sealing fissures in rock and concrete structures. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Data Sheets

Ultrafine Type SD Grout Datasheet [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Ultrafine Type VX Grout Datasheet [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Ultrafine Type SD SDS–Safety Datasheet [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Ultrafine Type VX SDS–Safety Datasheet [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

USG-Super P SDS–Safety Datasheet (Liquid super-plasticizer used with Ultrafine VX) [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Research Reports

Pumice Pozzolan: Research by the University of Utah and the University of Texas-Austin. Summary of research done by the University of Utah and the University of Texas-Austin on the effectiveness of pumice as a pozzolanic material to improve concrete (including cementitious grout) performance. Hess Pozz is a key ingredient in US Grout cementitious grout formulations. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Key Excerpts from a Commissioned Research and Development Study on a Unique Ultrafine Cementitious Grout. Sandia National Laboratories commissioned an “Optimization and Determination of the Physical Parameters of Ultrafine Cementitious Grouts” Research Study from AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited) Whiteshell Laboratories on the critical-use grout they were developing for U.S. Dept. of Energy's underground waste isolation site in New Mexico. Some of the key language describing the observations and conclusions are excerpted and gathered in this paper. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Additional Information

Press Release: US Grout Ultrafine VX Dominates Sand Column Tests at grouting school. The importance of such impressive permeation performance by a cementitious grout is welcome in the grouting industry. Now, with US Grout Ultrafine VX, expensive, often short-lived chemical grouts have an economical, cementitious brother that can effectively handle the toughest jobs. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

InfoGraphic: Geologic Effectiveness of Grout Types positions the various permeation grout group types according to the geologic effectiveness of each in soils. The unique formulation of US Grout Ultrafine VX means permanent, economical cementitious grout is an effective option in a wider range of soil types. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

InfoGraphic about the Pozzolanic Reaction that is engineered into US Grout products to enhance grout performance. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Slide Deck containing US Grout technical data, performance advantages, applications, development, and more in a slide deck format. [ DOWNLOAD PDF ]

Expert Support

As the world-wide distributor for US Grout products, Avanti International (www.avantigrout.com • 1-800-877-2570) provides the customer service, objective professional advice, material estimates, and the caliber of world-class technical support that comes only from over 35 years of geotechnical experience.

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